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Mentored Research Opportunities

How to Get Involved in Mentored Research Opportunities

Students interested in doing mentored research in the Families and Public Health Collaborative should schedule a time to meet with one of the faculty members on the collaborative. To apply for a position, send a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to Ali Crandall ( Most students start out as volunteers or doing mentored research for credit.

Before being hired as a research assistant for pay or credit, students must complete the mentored research course modules or demonstrate prior experience and competency doing mentored research. As part of the mentored research course modules, students must complete the following: CITI certification, complete a families and public health annotated bibliography, develop survey questions on Qualtrics, write a family theory paper, and write an abstract for a CURA or conference. Instructions for each of these assignments are included in the videos below.

Mentored Research Course Modules

Watch the module videos here. Before beginning the modules, please consult with one of the Families and Public Health Collaborative faculty members to discuss possible credit for completing this course. You will submit completed assignments to your assigned faculty mentor.

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