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Leadership Team

Ali Crandall - Faculty

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Ali Crandall, MPH, PhD is an assistant professor in health promotion at Brigham Young University Department of Public Health. Her research interests include the role of families in public health, the intersection of the family environment and individual self-regulatory capacities on mental health and risky behaviors, executive functioning, poverty and health, adolescent/child well-being, and mental health. Dr. Crandall’s personal interests include stand-up paddle boarding, chocolate, reading, and college sports.

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Carl Hanson - Faculty

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Carl L. Hanson, PhD, is a professor of health promotion and is currently serving as Chair of the Department of Public Health. His interests include health communication and New/Social Media, Family Health, and Adolescent Health. His investment in family and public health arises from the role families play as the primary producers of health in communities and society. Dr. Hanson’s personal interests include family runs, backpacking, fly fishing, country music, and mowing his lawn.

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Michael Barnes - Faculty

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Michael D. Barnes, PhD, is a professor of health promotion and Associate Dean in the College of Life Sciences. His research includes application of algorithms to mine social media and complex databases that monitor attitudes, interactions and behaviors of people to promote positive changes in health behavior and the impact of family health and familial factors on public health problems. Dr. Barnes’ personal interests include family outdoor activities, baking, music, temple and family history work, and being 'grandpa extraordinaire' to his grandchildren.

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Brianna Magnusson - Faculty

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Brianna M. Magnusson, MPH, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Public Health in epidemiology. Dr. Magnusson teaches epidemiology methods, biostatistics and statistical computing courses. Her research interests include sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and social determinants of health. Dr. Magnusson’s personal interests include reading, cooking, and playing the piano.

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Len Novilla - Faculty

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Len Novilla. MPH, MD, is an Associate Professor in Health Sciences and the Associate Chair in the Department of Public Health. Her research focuses on the social determinants of family and community health, addressing health inequities, linking public health and primary care, and in building a culture of health through interprofessional partnerships. She is particularly interested in defining the role of the family as the linking and sustaining framework in population health, health equity, and in health systems strengthening, especially within the context of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Novilla’s personal interests include reading, taking walks with her children, creating crafts with family, chess, ping-pong, running, and volunteering in her community.

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