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Strategic Plan


Big Inspiring Goal or Vision

Be acknowledged as the best stand-alone academic public health program in the world and the alma mater of the most influential leaders in public health.


  1. Enhance teaching and learning.
  2. Conduct meaningful research.
  3. Enhance faculty expertise.
  4. Nurture alumni and donor relationships.
  5. Prepare students to enter graduate school and the workforce.


  1. To enhance teaching and learning, we will:
    1. Establish a state-of-the-art curriculum that addresses national standards and is responsive to stakeholder needs.
    2. Address accreditation recommendations as appropriate.
    3. Provide and promote global study abroad and internship experiences.
    4. Create mentored learning experiences through our research labs (e.g. environmental, HBO, mental health, family health).
    5. Maintain best practices in curricular delivery including attention to manageable class sizes and courses taught by fulltime faculty.
    6. Develop and maintain an up-to-date communication system for current and potential students that includes a website, social media channels, and electronic newsletter.
    7. Explore department name change.
  2. To conduct meaningful research, we will:
    1. Involve graduate and undergraduate students in mentored research activities.
    2. Pursue internal and external funding for research.
  3. To enhance faculty expertise, we will:
    1. Create and maintain an applicant pool through which future faculty members might be recruited.
    2. Support conference attendance and professional development leaves as appropriate.
    3. Support faculty release time for course and professional development opportunities.
  4. To nurture alumni and donor relationships, we will:
    1. Create and maintain an alumni database.
    2. Host an alumni event to link current students with professionals.
    3. Develop flyers of our initiatives for donor presentations.
    4. Continue efforts to establish endowments to support student scholarships.
  5. To prepare students to enter graduate school and the workforce, we will:
    1. Help students complete a high quality culminating experience (e.g., internship).
    2. Promote the annual career fair and advocate for additional representation from public health related organizations and agencies.
    3. Host regular events that connects current students with working professionals and alumni.
    4. Help students successfully obtain national certifications (e.g., CHES, CPH, etc.).
    5. Create a library of graduate program materials in order to raise awareness.


  • Students participating in the global study abroad and internship experiences.
  • Creation and participation in research labs.
  • Participation rates in social media and website.
  • Students involved in conference presentations and publications.
  • Faculty presentations and publications in high quality venues (productivity index).
  • Faculty funding awards and other recognitions.
  • Funding received through donors.
  • Students matriculating in graduate programs or entering the public health workforce.
  • Students successfully completing certification exams.