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Department Vision

Core Purpose (Mission)

To promote public health worldwide through transformative teaching, research, and service in an environment that builds faith and testimony.

Core Values

We are committed to:

  1. Being a Community of Lifters

    – As faculty, students, and staff we lift others through word and deed.

  2. Being Excellent in Teaching and Research

    – Our teaching is based on best practice, reflects current trends in public health, and engages students in and out of the classroom. We pursue research that has the potential to make a difference.

  3. Being Student Centered

    – We make strategic decisions based on the impact the choice will have on student learning and achievement.

  4. Being Scientists of Faith

    – We teach and mentor students through a gospel-centered lens.

Big Inspiring Goal

Be acknowledged as the best stand-alone academic public health program in the world and the alma mater of the most influential leaders in public health.

Vivid Description

What it would be like to achieve the Big Inspiring Goal?

  1. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff have firm testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate strength of character through faith-based service.
  2. Graduates enter prestigious and challenging graduate programs, agencies, and organizations, and are represented in leadership positions.
  3. Faculty are current in their fields and recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise.
  4. Research conducted through the department is impactful and makes a difference in public health.
  5. Our curriculum is state-of-the-art and is respected as a model for preparing public health professionals with the necessary skills for success in the workplace, further education, and lifelong learning.
  6. Alumni and other partners provide the necessary connections and resources for us to accomplish our purpose.