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2nd Place SOPHE competition

Madi Augustine, Alyssa Baer, and Ida Tovar receive 2nd place in the SOPHE (The Society for Public Health Education ) Student Case Study competition!!

2020 SOPHE Competition

This team of excellent BYU Public Health students were scheduled to compete in Atlanta last week at the annual SOPHE Annual Conference to present their research and program, but due to current circumstances, the conference moved to a virtual format, as did the competition.

Each team received the case study 3 weeks prior to competing - this year the challenge was to create a 2-day professional meeting for local health professionals/stakeholders "where participants will be encouraged to share intervention strategies for implementation of a program adhering to the original objectives of the ECHPP. The meeting should educate participants concerning the initiation of your HIV prevention and testing program for heterosexual Black women. They needed to propose a program plan to coordinate a two-day meeting which will attract and enable participants to improve their skills in the provision of culturally sensitive, evidence-based HIV prevention and testing for heterosexual Black women in the Atlanta metropolitan area."

Each team was able to present virtually to their judges and the results were announced the next day in a plenary session.

Congratulations to this team of amazing women who completely represented our school and public health program in the most exemplary way!! We are so proud of them and their hard work!!