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Courtney Hixson

Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Emphasis in Health Promotion


While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
My parents and roommates. They all supported me in the crazy things I decided to do and made sure I ate square meals during finals week.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at BYU was:
International internships! Dr. Page does such a good job setting them up and I learned SO much from the peoples and the cultures I was able to visit. I learned not only about health in those countries, but so much more. It was easily the best part of my education.

While earning my degree I was involved in the following clubs/organizations:
Global Women's Studies Honor Society

I plan to use my degree to:
Help people! I would eventually like to end up in the non-profit sector helping to improve the quality of life for people both in and out of the U.S.

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:
No more exams. Exam time is always my least favorite, I'd way rather write a paper or do a project of some kind. No more exams will be bliss.