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Austen Ophelia Ivey

Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Emphasis in Health Science


While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
my wonderful Public Health professors, my family and friends, and my fellow human anatomy TAs.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at BYU was:
that I had the ability to develop meaningful relationships with professors and other students. Whether it was working on research projects, TAing for human anatomy, or just attending office hours after class, I was able to foster relationships with faculty members that changed my experience at BYU and my life. BYU is a big school and it's easy to feel like one of (very) many, but awesome professors and friends served as constant reminders that I was seen, heard, and cared for.

While earning my degree I was involved in the following clubs/organizations:
Anatomy Academy, BYU Association for Future Female Physicians, Tutor Outreach in Provo Schools (TOPS), and the BYU cadaveric Human Anatomy Lab

I plan to use my degree to:
ensure that the medical care I give patients is multi-faceted, culturally sensitive, and effective. I'm grateful for the foundation that public health has provided me and know that because of this program, I have a better understanding of the diverse determinants of individual and community health.

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:
applying (and hopefully attending) medical school, continuing to volunteer with Utah Valley Refugees during my gap year, and never having to sit in a classroom in the MARB again.