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Brittney Anne Graff

Bachelor of Science
Emphasis in Health Promotion


While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:
My parents have been an incredible support system throughout my entire degree. If I ever was home for the weekend, my mom would spend time quizzing me and studying with me. I'm also very grateful to the Public Health faculty for challenging me and encouraging me to take on new opportunities.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at BYU was:
The opportunity to connect with new people and learn through their unique experiences and perspectives. Whether it was my professors, other students, or new friends I feel as though one of the greatest contributors to my education was learning how to be open to new ideas and learn how to form my own opinions.

While earning my degree I was involved in the following clubs/organizations:
BYU Public Health Association, Nonprofit Management Student Association, Refugee Empowerment Club

I plan to use my degree to:
I am extremely passionate about maternal and women's health and hope to have opportunities to work with women's empowerment agencies and/or non-profit organizations. I want to empower women and help them recognize what powerful change agents we can be. Whether domestically or internationally, women specifically are a vulnerable population that experience too many health disparities. I want to be a change agent to help close this gap.

Now that I have completed the program, I'm most looking forward to:
Applying what I have learned in the "real world". Something I have absolutely loved about the BYU Public Health program is its emphasis on application, but only so much can be done in the classroom. I look forward to experiencing new communities, populations, and health issues local to regions throughout the country and internationally. There are so many amazing opportunities out there for learning! I can't wait to take the incredible foundation I've been given by my courses here and only continue to build upon it with new experiences!