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Health Education Minor

The School Health Education minor is designed to supplement secondary teaching disciplines and instruct students on teaching appropriate personal health practice and curriculum development. Such training will help students teach knowledge and skills aimed at enabling young people to cope and to flourish in healthy ways in today's ever-changing society.

Required Coursework

The Health Education minor is approved for all secondary teaching education majors and requires students to complete 22 hours of additional coursework. A teaching minor may only be earned by students graduating with a teaching major. 

In order to graduate with this minor, students are required to complete Utah licensing requirements. This page details the required minimum GPA, Oral Proficiency, and student teaching requirements to earn licensure.

Use the following resources to guide your choice in coursework each semester. Refer to the University Course Catalog to view the department map sheet, which includes a course description explaining when classes are offered and required prerequisite courses.


Requirements for Utah Licensing

University Course Catalog

MAP Sheet