Experiential Learning for Health Science Students

Health Science Students Fly to AIH

Last month, BYU Health Science students Natalia Nielsen and Nate Hendrickson flew to Seattle, Dr. Steve Thygerson and Dr. Jim Johnston. The students attended and presented at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo, a conference primarily for occupational and environmental health professionals.

"It was a really good opportunity to see how the different facets of the profession all worked together," said Hendrickson. "I was amazed at the variation within the specialization of industrial health."

Nielsen and Hendrickson submitted abstracts in March, worked on their posters up through May, and presented at the conference in June. The opportunity came to these students as a result of their tenacity in seeking out research opportunities with their professors.

"I heard a lecture in my HLTH 100 class that mentioned Dr. Johnston's name.” Said Hendrickson. “Right after class I emailed him." It was a year before an opening became available in Dr. Johnston’s lab, but when Hendrickson got the call he jumped on it. "My advice to other students is to get involved in research. Find out what your professor's life looks like outside of teaching. You might be surprised."