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Internships Manual

The Internship Policy and Procedures Manual outlines student expectations for the Public Health Internship. The manual is considered the "textbook" for the Health 496R course and should be printed or saved and kept close by during the internship. Prior to beginning the internship, this manual should be read in its entirety. Students are held accountable for all material found in the manual. When questions arise, please refer to the manual first as most if not all questions will be answered here. If the answers are not here, please contact the internship TA at or the department internship coordinator, Stephanie Lutz, Students needing an appointment regarding the internship process must first read the "Requirements" section and this manual. To schedule an appointment, please call the department student secretaries at (801) 422-3386. Bring your list of questions to the appointment.  

Download the Manual (New Spring 2019 Version)

Download the Manual (Old Version)